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Heyo! I'm Matt Brett, a veteran freelance web designer from British Columbia, Canada.

I specialize in WordPress development and have been working in the web industry for over 20 years.
In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and have published 157 game reviews.

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Since 2005, I've been working as a freelance web designer from the comfort of my home. Below is a selection of work I've done over the past few years for freelance clients, and sub-contracted as a front-end developer for Takeover Studio. I'm currently working full-time as a UI/UX designer for WPForms.

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Thoughtfully crafted designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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Hand-coded HTML & CSS goodness. None of the fluff, all of the awesome.

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Cloud backups and monitoring tools to ensure your site is safe and secure.

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I've built well over 100 sites on WordPress since the beta was released in 2003.

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I can cover all of the required bases and will be with you every step of the way.

The Devil's in the Details
I have a knack for finding little intricacies that make my designs stand out.

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I've recently gotten into photography and have been spending most of my free time exploring my surroundings.

Well, this is kind of a momentous day. My first ever photo print arrived in the mail! It's an 8x12 canvas print which was auctioned off in support of a local non-profit. The photo itself was taken back in June during my first sunset session. It's pretty cool holding a physical print in my hands, after staring at it on a screen for so long.

#photography #photoprint #canvasprint #printedoncanvas #sunset #sunsetphoto #sunsetphotography

For about a week and a half, the town I live in was blanketed in smoke from the wildfires in the PNW states. Thankfully, things cleared up in time for the weekend, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous to boot. I noticed on Saturday evening, that the setting sun was shining some beautiful light right through the trees in my backyard and quickly ran to get my camera. By the time I returned, I missed my opportunity. As soon as the sun started to set on Sunday, I took my camera out and was at the ready. Combined with the fresh fallen yellow leaves, it was some of the most warmest and naturally beautiful light I've ever seen.

#vancouverisland #sooke #sunset #lensflare #leaves #fallenleaves #autumn #fall #goldenhour #goldenhourphotography

I’ve walked this path countless times and someone never noticed this old rail. The Galloping Goose Trail ran from Victoria to Leechtown, which is now a ghost town just north of the town I live in. The stretch I normally walk has 2 train trestles and cuts through the forest. Would have loved to have seen a train cross them back in the day. The name Galloping Goose comes from a gas-powered passenger car that ran the line from 1922-1931.

#vancouverisland #gallopinggoose #trail #hiking #rail #abandoned #leaves #sooke

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a weird space these past few weeks. Overwhelmed and mentally exhausted, I broke some habits that were clearly keeping me in check. As the smoke clears (literally, I’m on the west coast of Canada) and the leaves begin to fall, I’m working to rectify this mistake. I’ve walked this path twice in as many days and am hoping to get my drone in the air tomorrow, weather permitting.

Does getting out in nature do wonders for you, like it does me?

#vancouverisland #sooke #gallopinggoose #trail #trees #fallenleaves #fall #autumn #autumnvibes #autumncolors

Spent last night in the garage, sipping bourbon and talking music with one of my best buds. We staged a scene and took some photos, but I’m not overly happy with them so we’re doing a reshoot tomorrow. I’m a bit conflicted, as part of me wants to post the scene and point out the mistakes as a learning exercise, the other part wants to nail it. I don’t want to settle for mediocrity, so we’ll try again.

In the meantime, here’s a cool shot of his guitar, face down on a bourbon soaked antique desk. We had fun! Bonus points if you can name the brand of guitar.

#acousticguitar #guitar #folk #folkmusic #headstock

Took this a few weeks ago, but didn’t post it at the time as it didn’t fit with the rest of my feed. Well, things have changed and now it fits right in.

I love wandering around after a rainfall with my macro lens and shooting fresh rain drops. My lady’s Jeep emblem looked just awesome, and reminded me of the old chrome filter in Photoshop.

#jeep #jeeplife #jeeplove #logo #chrome #macro #macrophotography #rain #raindrops #raindroplets

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